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The IWA Consulting Team provides expert support on all regulatory issues, globally. Any member of our team works dedicated to the task and knows the sense of urgency on getting the job done and meeting the deadlines, anticipating and flagging risks along the way.


The IWA Consulting Team has significant experience in preparation of INDs and NDAs, and our experts have specialized in the preparation and assessment of the CMC sections of international submissions. We continuously operate with the Common Technical Dossier and electronic submissions.

The IWA Consulting Team provides support to a range of international clients. We have the experts to provide hands-on support to your company, working off-site or on site at your facility.

Our seamless relationship with the Voisin Consulting Life Science (VCLS) group enables us to provide dedicated services backed by a global multi-disciplinary expert team as and when needed. Our global expertise encompasses the full spectrum of health products: drugs, biologics, cell and tissue therapies, medical devices/ digital, In-Vitro Diagnostics/CDx, combination products, as well as nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.

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