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Cécile Crozatier

Managing Director

M.Sc/Diplôme d’ingénieurs Biophysics & Biochemistry, Ecole Polytechnique (2004)
Ph. D. Micro- & Nano-Biothechnology, Université de Paris (2008)

+45 56660490/+45 30601908


Cécile Crozatier has over 15 years’ experience in academic research, pharmaceutical industry, and technology transfer. Furthermore, she has a strong background in Alliance Management and Business Development through her multiple commercial positions in the industry where she developed a sharp minded approach to negotiation, contractualization, and implementation.

Cécile Crozatier is still contributing to scientific work and has over the past years actively contributed in the development of Computer modelling and Simulation (in Silico medicine) capabilities as well as successfully lead transformational projects within the VCLS group.

In addition to her role as MD at IWAC, Cécile is also responsible for the direction and coordination of VCLS, and its consulting team in particular, through the leadership of the VCLS operations Committee and the company’s Change Management platform. Cécile is in charge of Business Development.

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