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QA Standards

QA Standards

At IWA Consulting Team we focus on maintaining the ultimate level of quality standards. This philosophy we apply to our employees and we take it with us when working on assignments for our clients.

Quality Management System
The IWA Consulting Team has developed and implemented a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 quality standard.

Our Quality Policy is defined to ensure that we are able to guarantee our clients a consistent high level of quality covering all aspects of our services.

Since September 2009 our Quality Management System has been DS/EN ISO 9001 certified.

Quality Standards
All employees are trained in the Quality Management System and with their areas of responsibility.

Employees and the Quality Management System are audited by independent consultants to facilitate continuous improvement of process performance. Audits are also performed at subcontractors to ensure a high level of quality for outsourced services.

ISO 9001

The Quality Management System is maintained and continuously improving its effectiveness in accordance with the DS/EN ISO 9001 standard.